2018 Zipping by …

So much has happened in the past year. Somehow lost track of some of the time. In the meanwhile cosmology is flourishing with speculations of many if not infinities of possible parallel universes. maybe they’re in our collective imagination. Maybe they are an artifact of the immaturity of our cognitive abilities.  While we’ve done much, and progressed to amazing heights, it would appear that we’re still far away from a comprehensive perspective of the universe.

I’ve been researching Babbage recently, and came across his Ninth Bridgewater Treatise [1837]. There are some profound insights and speculations there regarding the nature of our understanding of complex and rare events. Given Charlie’s contribution to establishing  feasibility of ‘extreme computing’, one must pay attention to his other works.  The NBT can shed some light on the multiple universe puzzle.


ANY23 – Pretty interesting. Check it out.


Anything To Triples (any23) is a library, a web service and a command line tool that extracts structured data in RDF format from a variety of Web documents.

ExaIntelligence – Coming Up Soon.

At Advanced Scientific Computing Advisory Committee (ASCAC) meeting, in Arlington, Va., not too long ago:  DOE announced “Aurora” supercomputer is on track to be the United States’ first exascale system. It will be built by Intel and Cray for Argonne National Laboratory,   delivery date has shifted from 2018 to 2021 and target capability has been expanded from 180 petaflops to 1,000 petaflops (1 exaflop).

Wow! One can only speculate about what this means for Artificial and Advanced Intelligence (AI/AI) and the progression to the Singularity.  ExaIntelligence Arriving.

Reality into Realities: Objective, Subjective and Intersubjective​.

To get Artificial and Advanced Intelligences AI/AI into more serious realms, one needs to consider the foundational Reality as composed of Triple Realities: Objective, Subjective, and Intersubjective.

For the time being …  a good place to start is here :

Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective  - The Philosophical Essays of Donald Davidson


Voevodsky and Computer verification of mathematical reasoning


Vladimir Alexandrovich Voevodsky Winner of the 2002 Fields Medal passed away earlier this year. Way too early.   Explore his UNIVALENT FOUNDATIONS (2014), where he stated:

I   think it was at this moment that I largely stopped doing what is called “curiosity-driven research” and started to think seriously about the future.  … It soon became clear that the only real long-term solution to the problems that I encountered is to start using computers in the verification of mathematical reasoning.